It’s tough to do business when people don’t know you exist. And when it’s time for that special announcement, how do you effectively get the message out? There’s no doubt about it – targeted and cost-effective advertising makes the difference between no business and the kind of business that can take your business over the top.

Trest Consulting offers several options for advertising on the Internet. We can get your company name and message in front of literally thousands of customers each day, driving new and repeat contacts through your online site.

Here are a few of the advertising options we have for your business or organization:

Banner ads on a range of targeted Web sites
Display ads seen by many thousands of people each day
Inclusion in community directory listings
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As you probably know, more people than ever are using the Internet to advertise their products and services. That number grows every day. It’s a convenience that makes all the difference in the world to your customers whether they are looking for a particular product or researching information. This is actually great for you because advertising with Web.Trest.Com is extremely affordable. Your daily advertising expenses are minimal.

Trest Consulting’s Web Design and Hosting along with Come Travel With Mike and Judy are where people go when they want to plan a web site or share in our travels for potential travel destinations around the world. Both sites are easy to navigate and offer a variety of information and services.


Everyone knows the old saying “Time is Money”. For advertising to work, it has to accomplish two things. It must get noticed and it must send a message. We help get your message noticed by providing a clean, less busy look and feel to the overall site. More attention is drawn to your advertisement without using gimmicks that often annoy visitors and delay their download time. We understand that whether its a banner ad on this web site or your own web site that this is as much a great advertising vehicle for you as a needed informational resource for web site visitors. By keeping it quick and simple, we provide a much better experience for everyone.


Our cost advantages start with very reasonable rates for web site design, hosting and advertising and just get better. Please click on the link to see our advertising rates. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, I urge you to place a space reservation now. This offer will go very quickly and will not be extended.

The following space reservation system has been implemented for your convenience. An account representative will contact you to help get your ad placed. This is not a contract. All requests for